Here’s what other people are saying about my editing work. (This page is under construction and will be expanding.

When we were querying our trilogy, Kyra was one of the first people to offer incredible advice for a re-submission to her agency. We made significant changes that we loved, and while we ultimately were not represented by the agent Kyra was interning for, that draft helped us find our publisher. Not only was Kyra a huge help to us editorially, she stayed in touch and became one of our first cheerleaders. Professional, insightful, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kelly Zekas, author of These Vicious Masks


Working with Kyra was fantastic. Her feedback was clear, on point, and well thought out. Throughout the entire editing process, I really appreciated her timeliness, professional attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond. Thanks to her, I really improved both the quality of my book and my writing as a whole.

Kalyn Josephson, author of The Storm Crow (forthcoming)