Editing Services

Due to time constraints from my school load, I am unable to take on full manuscripts at this time. I am open to queries, synopses, Twitter pitches, and partials up to 50 pages. I will reopen to fulls in April. In the mean time, I’m happy to refer to you another editor.

Because I’m a full-time student, my schedule sometimes prevents me from taking on longer projects. Please email (thoughtsfromtheagentdesk@gmail.com) to see if I’m available.

Editing rates vary depending on what type of editing I am doing. All rates given below are in USD.

Manuscript critiques

These critiques focus more on big-picture things. Are the characters well-developed? Are there problems with plot holes or cliches? Is the pacing too fast or too slow? I look at these and other issues when doing a critique. After reading the manuscript, I write up a detailed report (usually multiple pages) addressing issues. For an additional fee, I also will include in-text comments, pointing out specific areas that need attention.

Without in-text comments: $0.004 per word ($40 per 10K)

With in-text comments: $0.005 per word ($50 per 10K)

Line edits

Line edits are intended for manuscripts that are fully developed. The focus of line edits is on the sentence level, where we work to improve sentence flow and structure as well addressing dialogue and voice issues. Line edits cost $0.004 per word ($40 per 10K). Please note that for line edits, I will only work on manuscripts submitted as Word documents (PDFs take much longer to line edit than Word documents).


Copyediting focuses on issues in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Cost for copyediting is $0.004 ($40 for 10K) Because I prefer line edits and critiquing, I’m very selective in what projects I copyedit. If I’m not interested in copyediting your project, I’d be happy to recommend you to another editor. I will only do copyedits on Word documents (no PDFs or text files).

Developmental coaching

This service is for writers stuck in the process of actually writing the manuscript. Whether you don’t know where to begin or you’ve hit a roadblock and aren’t sure how to continue, we can consult and discuss possible solutions to your writing problems. This is not a ghost-writing service. The goal is to coach and teach you how to write. Individually-tailored coaching sessions begin at $30 an hour.


Query critique: Query letters are my specialty. I’ve read hundreds of them. I do query critiques for a flat rate of $30, including a second read through. Additional read throughs are $5, but I usually find that people don’t need them.

Synopsis critique: Because a lot of people have been asking, I’v decided to add synopsis edits to my services. $35 with a read through on revisions.

Twitter Pitch: I charge $20 for a Twitter Pitch. This includes multiple read throughs and a very hands-on revision strategy.


Check back for updates on special deals I may be offering, or follow me on Twitter (@KyraMNelson) for more updates.

*Please note that I do not edit erotica or graphic sex scenes (non-graphic is okay, if it’s “fade to black” or “off-screen”). I may also decline to edit a project that I deem racist, homophobic, body shaming, or that otherwise stereotypes a group of people in an offensive way. I don’t consider myself easily offended, but do have some ground rules. Feel free to ask if you’re concerned.*

7 thoughts on “Editing Services

  1. Emailed you an inquiry about your services last Friday, but never got a reply. Not sure if it’s because it went to your spam folder, or you’re too busy at the moment.

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