On Being Patient

I haven’t worked on my writing in probably a month. Not even 100 words towards any of my various works in progress. In general, I would not recommend this. Writing is a skill that requires frequent practice to keep up.

That said, sometimes you need to take time off from writing to focus on other priorities. It’s not entirely true that I haven’t be writing the past month. I’ve actually been doing a ton of writing in order to finish up my MA thesis in time to graduate in April. For those of you who haven’t written a thesis, it’s kind of a life-consuming project. A project that will suck away all your writing time (and occasionally your will to live).

I’m not saying this because I want sympathy. I know I’m busy, but I also know everyone else is too. For me it’s a thesis. Some writers I know have families to provide and care for. Some have time-intensive jobs. Some have health challenges. We all have our things.

The truth is that sometimes life gets in the way of writing.

I’m the sort of person who wakes up most mornings feeling like I want to accomplish all the things. I set lofty goals for myself because there’s a lot I want to get done. But I’ve also learned to recognize my limitations. I simply cannot do everything all the time. No one can.

Sometimes it takes a little humility for me to admit that. I want to be super successful at writing, editing, academia, family life, religion, and friendship. But I’m never going to be perfect at even one of those things, much less all of them. Instead, I’ve found it best to be content with just doing the best I can at all of them.

Sometimes I have to shuffle priorities around. This past month, my academic pursuits have taken center stage. Now that my thesis has been submitted, I’m hoping to find a little more balance and focus on aspects of my life that I’ve neglected.

This began as a post to explain why my blog has been on hiatus for the past while. It’s sort of spiraled out of control, but I hope you get the take away message. It’s okay to be patient with yourself as you try to balance all the pieces of your life. It’s okay to put your writing on the back-burner when you have life things to do.

Just make sure you take it off the back-burner before it’s charred.

That’s what I’m working on now. I can’t say I’m entirely looking forward to it. Dusting off projects you haven’t worked on in awhile can be intimidating. Re-strengthening your writing muscles isn’t always pleasant.

But writing is something that’s worth getting back to. It’s a piece of my life I’m ready to embrace again.


3 thoughts on “On Being Patient

  1. Congrats on submitting your thesis! That’s quite the accomplishment.

    Your post is timely–I’m about to take a forced hiatus from writing because of a major house remodel. With all the chaos that brings, it sort of amuses me that the thing my brain screams about is, “when and were are you going to write during the remodel?” I think I can work around it, to a certain extent – my brain can always plot and fine-tune ideas as I commute. But still, you’re right, and I appreciate the perspective. One does have to have a certain amount of patience, both with one’s life and one’s writing.

    Funny that writing can be hard, but sometimes not writing is even harder.

    Good luck dusting off your projects and getting back to it!

  2. Oh my gosh Kyra, you and me must be on the same wave length at this moment in time! You have to come check out the post I just blogged and you’ll see what I mean! We’re like soul sisters right now, spread out through MFA/MA mania!
    drop on by and say hi, for sure!
    I’m at http://www.writingfictionnow.com, and check out my latest in Mondays Muse, Are you whining your way into gold…

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