Query of Horror

It’s almost time for Halloween. What better way to celebrate than with a horrific query letter. So here you have it. The worst query letter I could write.

Deer sir or madame:

Are you tired of reading books about vampires? Looking for something new and fresh? Well I’ve got the book for you!

Jessica is an ordinary teenager. She likes hanging out with her friends and cheerleading. She also has the most amazing boyfriend, Ryan. They all live in a sleepy town where nothing ever happens to anybody. But all that is about to change on day when Jessica discovers she actually has magical powers.

At first Jessica is excited about her powers. But when she discovers that her powers make her a target for the evil Queen Quexilbaum, she isn’t so sure. As she struggles to learn how to use her newfound powers, she realizes that magic may be harder than she thought. After encountering a series of setbacks, Jessica decides to rise up against Queen Quexilbaum.

Jessica is joined on her quest by a set of unlikely friends. First, there’s Jobidad, an ex-circus performer who loves pie. There’s also Limasala, a girl who raises mystical creatures and has a quirky side. Finally, there’s Kirkido, a sassy pro wrestler who hates jazz music. Together they must work together to defeat the evil Queen Quexilbaum before it’s too late.

THE MAGIC BRACELET is a heartwarming young adult fiction novel, but it will also appeal to adult readers as well. I wrote the story because I think teens need to read more about true friendship that is about more than just texting each other the latest emojis! I also think that many teens will sympathize with the main character, who has to fight major evil forces, because many teens feel like they must confront high school evil in their day to day lives. THE MAGIC BRACELET will appeal to readers who liked Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games.

The novel is complete at 124,876 words. I think you would really like it and am happy to send it to you at your request.

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