Coming up on Thoughts From the Agent Desk

Now that it’s February, I’m finally thinking about the directions I want to go with the blog this year. Here’s what I’m planning:

More query critiques Of course. We love the query critiques, right? I love them. I’ve got critiques scheduled to live throughout the rest of February and March. I’m still accepting submissions for queries to be critiqued on the blog (see the Query Critiques link on the left side bar). I don’t always get to them quickly, but I am still reading and responding to them!

A series of posts focusing on voice: Agents are ALWAYS saying that they want manuscripts with voice. Strong voices, fresh voices, unique voices, authentic voices. Yet nobody seems to know how to describe what “good voice” is. We just know it when we see it. I’m going to attempt to demystify this a little bit. I’ll be posting weekly exercises to improve voice and character, as well as posting recommendations for books to study.

A series of what happens after you query I focus a lot on the querying process. Later this year, I want to do a series of post that talk about what happens when your query is successful. What are things you should take into consideration before signing with an agent? What happens if more than one agent offers on your MS? What are retainer agreements? What is the submission process like?

More Q&A I guess I can’t promise this feature as it’s kind of dependent on whether or not people ask me questions. But I do hope to get some questions from the readers (post them in the comments, email me, tweet me. Get in touch however you want!). I want to address issues that you want to know more about. So ask away.

Contests I just did a contest and don’t have another one planned immediately. But they are fun. I’m hoping I have time to do a Twitter contest, because I really like them. But am also overwhelmed by the quality of submissions.

I’m excited for the upcoming year! I hope you are too. Let me know if there’s anything I haven’t mentioned that you would like to see on the blog.


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