Pep Talk

Hey you! Yeah, you!

You are awesome! Your book is awesome!

Okay, maybe your book isn’t awesome. Yet. But it will be. Only if you keep writing it.

Take a minute and focus on your book. Don’t think about the other million aspiring authors on Twitter. Don’t think of the undeserved success of some big shot author. Just think about your book. Think how awesome it will be when you are finished. Think how accomplished you’ll feel.

I know it feels like everyone and their dog has written a book. But how many of your actual friends have written a book? How many of their dogs have actually written books? Not that many, I’m guessing. That sort of puts you in the elite class of crazy people who write down the stories in their head and expect other people to read them. That’s the best kind of crazy.

Think of your word count goals as a giant bildshnipe. And then go kill that bildshnipe to death with your pen or other metaphorical weapon of choice. Because word counts, like bildshnipe, are terrifying. And… and… my brain is NaNoed out, and I can’t think of a good way to continue this metaphor. I just thought that the bildshnipe would be a good comparison.

How many times did I use the word bildshnipe in the last paragraph?

Anyway, go out there and knock that book out of the park. Write til your fingers fall off. Imagine until your brain explodes of splendorousness.

And keep being awesome.

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