Write Or Die Changed My Life

This one is for all of you writer’s out there, but especially those of you braving NaNoWriMo. I’m going to tell you about a tool that literally (and I do not use the word lightly) changed the way I write.

Write or Die is a program where you set a word count goal and a time limit for yourself. The you write. If you stop writing for too long, the screen turns red and a horrible noise starts playing and then you see pictures of spiders. It basically forces you to keep writing.

There’s a desktop version you can buy that has additional features, but you can also use the free version on the website. I have the desktop version, because I use it so much. about 30,000 of the 50,000 words I wrote for Camp NaNoWriMo were done with Write or Die, so at least for me it works.

3 thoughts on “Write Or Die Changed My Life

  1. I was always afraid to use it because doesn’t it delete your words if you stop too long? I just imagined my kid falling over, and me rushing to him, and coming back to a blank page.
    I do love scare tactics though. I use the anti-social app to block me from all my time-waster sites. It creates a boring atmosphere very conducive to writing!

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