Organizing Your Agent Hunt

If you write YA, and I know a lot of you do, I highly recommend following the YA WordNerds channel on YouTube. They are an incredibly talented group of people with some great insights. They’re also super nice and friendly. One time they were nice enough to let me vlog for them.

Today I’m linking you to a video of their’s that I think is of particular interest. It’s all about researching and organizing your agent hunt.

I actually have my own spreadsheet, and I’ve found it incredibly helpful to have one place I can go to where I can compare all the different agents I’m considering. Because as it turns out there are a lot of agents out there. I’m particularly fond of having a spreadsheet column devoted to things I like about the agent and a column devoted to things I don’t like.

Like Meghan says, once you’ve been in the query trenches long enough, things get confusing and you’ll be happy to have some organization.

7 thoughts on “Organizing Your Agent Hunt

  1. Reblogged this on Am I Doing This Right? and commented:
    As I get closer to sending out queries to agents, I have begun to collect the names of the agents I think may be a good fit. Up
    To now I have been simply saving them to Pocket, a nifty website that lets you maintain a collection of favorite websites (or blog posts or news articles or anything, really, with a web address), which you can organize by categories and tag with keywords for a later search.

    But then I read Kyra Nelson’s blog on organizing your agent search, and I am taking her advice. Thanks, Kyra!

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