Diverse Books and What it Means for You

“Oh no! Everyone wants diverse characters, and my protagonist is heterosexual, white, and able-bodied.”

I understand. My main character is also heterosexual, white, and able-bodied. Mostly because the setting is based on Rococo period France. That setting and the fact that she’s white and straight are natural to her. That’s who she is.

I don’t believe in making characters diverse just for the sake of making them diverse. It makes the character lose authenticity. And it’s not fair for the character to just be the “token” LGBTQ or ethnic or whatever minority of the novel.

Yes, agents and editors are looking for diverse books. But they’re also looking for well developed characters, just like they’ve always been. If your character is diverse, do a happy dance. Because that’s hot right now. But don’t panic if your character isn’t diverse. Those characters still matter, and they’re still getting published!

The idea of diverse books is to make publishing inclusive of all races, cultures, abilities, sexual orientations, religions, body types, ect. Last I checked, caucasian is still a race, and heterosexual is still a sexual orientation. Those characters are still welcome.

At the end of the day, agents and editors are still looking for good books of all varieties. So let your characters be themselves, whoever that might be, and focus on making them awesome.


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