Manuscript Format Checklist

Yay! You’ve gotten a request for sample pages!

Now how do you format them?

Follow this checklist.

  • Double space. Always double space. It’s easier to read.
  • Use a normal font in a normal size and normal color. Please.
  • Include a header. Your header should have: Your last name, your manuscript name in all caps, and a page number. Example: Nelson / WHY CAPTAIN AMERICA IS AWESOME  /14
  • The file name should include both your name and the manuscript title.
  • Put contact information on the first page.
  • Include the original query letter in the email when you send pages.

This makes it easier for the agent to keep track of who is sending what. We get a lot of manuscripts, so it really is nice to help us out by making it easy to tell which of the twenty Word documents we have open is yours. And it will make you seem more professional, so bonus points!


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