Sometimes people ask me how I got my internship. The short answer is that I had a friend who was interning at the agency and recommended me when a spot came open. The long answer is a more involved story of how most of the cool publishing related things I’ve done are thanks to networking.

Although it may be cool to network with a published, big name author, I’ve actually found a lot more opportunity as a result of making friends with other beginning authors. They have more time and energy to network and become friends with you.

For all you know, they could be the published big name author in a few years. You’ll want that person who you made friends with when you were both starry-eyed dreamers to plug your book for you.

Besides, you’ll want them as critique partners. You’ll want to bounce ideas off of them.

Networking is easy, as long as you don’t approach it by thinking “what can these people do for me?” Treat networking like making friends. And it’s easy to make friends with other writers. You have lots in common, and lots to talk about.

Great places to meet other writers:

Twitter: I met one of my favorite CPs on Twitter. She asked on Twitter if anybody played violin, her MC played violin and she had questions. I responded that I did. We traded manuscripts, and what do you know. It was a match made in heaven.

Conferences: This isn’t an option for everyone, but take advantage if  it is. Writer’s at conferences are usually serious about their craft and make great CPs.

Camp NaNoWriMo: They have this cool cabin feature where you can meet other authors and strike up a discussion.

Book events: Does your local library have author signings? Does SCBWI do events in your area? Find out ,and attend if you can!

Online contests: Some contests are better than others for meeting people, but it is an option.

Wattpad: I’ve never really networked this way, but I know people who have.


One thought on “Networking

  1. I still talk to my cabin mates from this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo. Plus I participate in a What’s Up Wednesday with other writers. It’s good to have that support group, especially when they’re going through the same process as you.
    Plus you know, I took a chance and sent you my query for critique and we’re still talking. 😀

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