Q&A Sending Revisions?

I recently received this question from a reader. If you have a question related to agenting (or writing, or really any  publishing related. My experience is fairly diverse.) feel free to send it to me at thoughtsfromtheagentdesk@gmail.com

Q: I’ve had two agents request my full manuscript (yippee!). Agent One turned it down with feedback. I’ve done some revisions based on her notes. Should I resend the updated manuscript to Agent Two or will that pester him?

A: Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s an easy answer for this one, as I think it would depend a lot on the individual agent and what they want. The short answer, what I would probably do in the situation, is hold off on sending the updated version.

At some point, Agent Two will email (or call you) back. That would be a good time to casually mention that you’ve made some changes to the manuscript. If Agent Two also says no to the book, he’ll probably also give you feedback (I can’t guarantee this, but I believe most agents you take the time to make comments on a full, even if they’re not interested in it). If the feedback is similar to Agent One’s feedback, you can mention that you have updated the manuscript and politely ask if the agent is interested, though there’s a good chance he will decline. Worth asking, though.
Even if Agent Two wants to represent the manuscript, there’s a good chance he’ll want revisions anyway, and that’s also a good time to talk about the changes you made for the other agent.
Hopefully that helps. Good luck!

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