Contest Winners!

First of all, can I just say I’m totally humbled by how this contest went? And by humbled I also mean overwhelmed. Sorting through slush is hard, because sometimes I get more good stuff than I can request. The Twitter contest is like that. On steroids.

I want to give you all a big virtual hug. And I don’t mean that in a just wanting to make you feel better because you lost sort of way. I mean I’m really impressed with the quality of tweets, and if I didn’t have to do pesky things like sleep, I would give away so many more critiques. Next time I do this, I’m going to invite (coerce) some of my very talented friends into helping so that we can have more winners.

That said, I do have to choose winners. Without further ado, the winner of the five page critique is Kimberly with her pitch

YAF: Grace craves sanity how some girls crave chocolate. But falling for one of her hallucinations might lead to the psych ward.

Our fan favorite is S.A. Mats:

12yo Simon must clear his name before hes convicted of the kidnappings. MG:Fantasy Rondald Dhal meets Diagon Alley

Runners up (will receive first page critique):

Rebecca: The spy in Rachel’s best-selling book is the man of her dreams…until he shows up at her door.She blew his cover.Now he’s pissed.

Michelle: Zoe dies in combat and enters The Soul Program. A realm where young souls go to adjust to death. #YA

Nikki: Indian bride left by lover with only henna designs as humiliating souvenirs has to swallow pride and go for arranged marriage.

Jamie: Phantom of the Opera meets youth orchestra when someone tries to help Killian by threatening destruction if she’s not first chair

Joanna: A blind Seer battles a soul-eating shadow-wind while the girl he loves rips a hole between worlds to save him. YAF

I also added a picture book category, because picture books work a little differently than novels. Also because it’s my contest, and I do what I want. The winner of the picture book critique is Sharon.

2 penguins a polar bear & a reindeer joins forces to get Santa out of the hot tub he is stuck in. PB

Thanks to everyone who participated. If you didn’t win a critique from the contest, you can still submit your query letters for critique on the blog. I actually don’t have that many in my inbox right now.

Also, can we just be friends? Because you people are mega talented.

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