This post is more of a nuts and bolts sort of thing. But I’ve seen it come up several times in the critique letters. What do you do with book titles in your query letter?

The manuscript should be in all caps. It helps the reader quickly identify it.

Other titles you mention (for instance, to compare to) should either be italicized like in normal writing or left alone (I personally prefer italics).


My manuscript WHY CAPTAIN AMERICA IS AWESOME is complete at 200,000 words and will appeal to fans of Comic Lover Dude’s Everyone Loves Captain America and Hero Lady’s Girls Love Cap for More than the Muscles.

And yes, I do need 200,000 words to talk about why Cap is awesome.

Anyway, that’s the conventional way to do titles. All caps (haha, pun. Actually not intended.) for your manuscript because it’s the important one in your query. Italics for everything else.


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